Healthy Eating Books

The many healthy eating books out today have made it much easier to find information about maintaining a varied and well balanced diet. Learning the different food groups and nutrients in certain foods also goes a long way to improving health and wellbeing in general.

Diet Guide Books
Most good book shops stock practical guide books showing the key foods that are good for certain health conditions and disorders plus advice on how eating the right food helps control their symptoms. Armed with a good selection of healthy eating books ensures boredom in the kitchen isn’t an option with recipes that are appetizing, tasty and full of flavour, colour and important nutrients and minerals.

Modern Lifestyles
Changes in modern lifestyles means less time is spent in preparing food and the constant supply of ready meals has contributed to poor eating habits. Understanding the importance of a balanced meal and finding how to make simple nutritious dishes is a step in the right direction and also eating a nutritious well balanced meal makes you feel good inside and out.

For many of us it is increasingly important that we adjust our diet to maintain good health and reduce the risk of cancer, heart conditions, bowel disease, pre-menstrual syndrome, hyperactivity, diabetes and arthritis to name just a few ills.

Book shops and magazines are packed with best selling books on healthy eating. These books are available for certain health conditions as well as general wholesome recipes suitable for anyone looking to improve their diet. The healthy eating range of books are availeable Amazon and include the following titles:

  • Healthy Gluten-free Eating
  • Healthy Eating for Lower Cholesterol
  • Healthy Eating for Diabetes
  • Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy
  • Healthy Eating for Your Heart
  • Healthy Eating: The Prostate Care Cookbook
  • Healthy Eating for the Menopause
  • Healthy Dairy-free Eating
  • Healthy Eating for IBS

Healthy Eating Books for Lowering Cholesterol

  • Healthy Eating for Lower Cholesterol: In Association with Heart UK, the Cholesterol Charity by Dan Green and Catherine Collins

  • No Red Meat: More Than 300 Delicious, Low-fat, Low-cholesterol Recipes by Brenda Shriver

  • The Low Cholesterol Diet and Recipe Book: by Christine France (Author)

  • Low-cholesterol Cookbook for Dummies (UK Edition) by Dr. Sarah Brewer (Author), Molly Siple MS RD (Author)

Good and Bad Cholesterol
Cholesterol is vital to ensure the body’s normal function however, too much cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of coronary heart disease and disease of the arteries. There are 2 main types of blood cholesterol: LDL (the "Bad" cholesterol) and HDL (the "Good" cholesterol).

When the level of cholesterol in the blood is too high the bad LDL will deposit cholesterol on the artery walls forming plaques.

The good HDL, on the other hand, takes excess cholesterol away and carries it back to the liver to be excreted. It can also remove some of the cholesterol already attached to the artery walls. Physical activity can raise HDL levels.

The first steps in treating high cholesterol levels are:

  • Regular physical activity
  • Healthy eating

You will find healthy eating books packed with recipe ideas and advice on healthy eating for hearts and information on which foods help to lower cholesterol. Learning about the right foods to eat and which ones to avoid plus replacing saturated fats with unsaturated alternatives is a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

For example, mono-unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats don't raise blood cholesterol in the same way as saturated fats do but provide the essential fatty acids that the body needs.

Saturated fat (sometimes called 'bad fat') is the fat found in processed meat products such as sausages, bacon, pies, butter, lard, biscuits, cakes and pastries. Too much saturated fat can raise our cholesterol, and so increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Unsaturated fat, or the 'good fat', is found in avocados, nuts and seeds, oily fish such as salmon, fresh tuna and mackerel, and sunflower and olive oils. These fats can help reduce cholesterol levels.

Choosing a healthy diet will improve your overall wellbeing and will go along way to protecting against excessive levels of blood cholesterol.

Healthy Eating Books for Diabetes

  • Healthy Eating for Diabetes by Antony Worrall Thompson

  • Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies (UK Edition) by Dr. Sarah Brewer, Alan L. Rubin MD, and Alison G. Acerra RD

  • 50 Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Diabetic Cooking: Low-sugar, Low-GI, Low-fat and High-fibre Recipes for Everyone by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson

Too much glucose in the blood indicates the development of the condition known as Diabetes mellitus.

Glucose comes from the digestion of carbohydrate containing food and drinks and is also produced by the liver but the problem arises when the body cannot use the glucose properly.

Carbohydrates include sugary or starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, fruit, dairy products, cakes, biscuits and of course sugar.

Diabetes takes two main forms:
Insulin-dependent diabetes known as Type 1 diabetes that has to be treated regularly with insulin injections.

This is the least common whereas type 2 is non-insulin dependent diabetes which can often be treated by diet alone, although some sufferers need medication. This type is the most common and usually appears in people carrying excess weight. The more overweight and inactive you are the greater your risk of developing diabetes.

Although diabetes cannot be cured it can be treated successfully. There are many books on the market to help both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. There are general dietary guidelines that people with diabetes can follow and advice on how to lose weight sensibly.

Anyone with diabetes needs a carefully planned diet. Fortunately today there are many healthy eating books for diabetes with helpful advice on achieving a healthy lifestyle with meal planning and nutritious recipes.

Anyone diagnosed with diabetes may at first feel it a challenging task to find the right foods to eat. But with plenty of dietary advice readily available managing this condition isn’t so daunting. You should be able to enjoy everyday foods as part of a healthy lifestyle and learn how to keep sugar levels under control.

You will find healthy eating books for diabetes that are packed with mouth-watering recipes, menu ideas, plenty of tips plus advice on food labelling and shopping. The whole family or anyone looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle can benefit too from these healthy eating books for diabetes. 

Healthy Eating Books for Gluten Intolerance

  • Healthy Gluten-free Eating: The Ultimate Wheat-free Recipe Book (Healthy Eating) by Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney

  • 1,000 Gluten-free Recipes by Carol Fenster

  • Seriously Good! Gluten-free Cooking: In Association with Coeliac UK

Gluten intolerance also known as Celiac disease is a disorder of the intestines. It is a recognized type of food intolerance that usually runs in families and occurs when a person cannot absorb gluten.

Although it is linked to certain foods, coeliac disease is not a food allergy it is an autoimmune condition. It occurs when the body’s immune system mistakes the gluten found in the digestive system as being harmful therefore attacks it.

This leads to the damaging of the lining of the intestines (gut) making it unable to absorb food properly. As a result people with coeliac disease can suffer from symptoms such as diarrhoea, weight loss and stomach pain.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Many everyday foods contain gluten such as bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits plus of course breakfast cereals. The condition can be controlled with the removal of these foods containing gluten. This may seem quite a challenge at first but luckily today there are many healthy eating gluten free recipe books to buy.

Tops chefs have combined forces with experts in the field of food intolerances to bring mouth-watering dishes that are free from gluten. You will find the latest healthy eating books with gluten free recipies also include invaluable advice on the hidden gluten found in common essentials in the kitchen cupboard.

Discovering new dishes to conjure up makes meal times more fun rather than stressful that’s why it is a relief to find gluten free recipe books with loads of exciting dishes to choose from.

Healthy Eating Books for Babies and Children

There is a good range of books widely available with helpful advice on what to give your child to eat at certain stages. Simple and interesting recipes for the fussiest toddler and useful information on the weaning process can be found in the Healthy Eating Books for Babies and Toddlers. Others books include:

  • Healthy Eating for Families (Paperback) by Rosemary Stanton (Author)
  • Baby and Toddler Healthy Eating Planner: The New Way to Feed Your Baby or Toddler a Balanced Diet Every Day, Featuring More Than 350 Recipes by Amanda Grant (Paperback - 15 Jul 2008)
  • Healthy Eating for Kids: Over 100 Meal Ideas, Recipes and Healthy Eating Tips for Children (Paperback) by Anita Bean (Author)
  • Healthy Eating for Babies and Toddlers: A Parent's Guide to Great Tasting Recipes and Menus for the Growing Child, from Weaning to Five Years (Hardcover) by Anne Sheasby (Author), Jill Scott (Author), Mark Buckingham (Illustrator)

For more ideas and other healthy eating books for children follow the link healthy eating books for children.

Healthy Eating Books for Pregnancy

  • Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: Your Guide to Eating Well and Staying Fit (You & Your Baby) (Paperback) by Laura Riley (Author), Stacey Nelson (Author).

  • Expect the Best: Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy: (American Dietetic Association) and Elizabeth M. Ward (Paperback - 3 Jun 2009)

  • The Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookbook: Healthy Food for You and Your Baby
    by Hope Ricciotti

  • What to Eat When You're Pregnant: Including the A-Z of What's Safe and What's Not
    by Dr Rana Conway

  • What to Eat Before, During, and After Pregnancy by Judith E. Brown

Other titles that may be of interest can be found by following the link to healthy eating books during pregnancy

Healthy Eating during the Menopause

  • Healthy Eating for the Menopause: Published in Association with Women's Health (Paperback) (2 Jul 2009) by Marilyn Glenville (Author)

This new healthy eating book for the menopause is available from July 2009. It has essential advice on how your diet can work as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy and special recipies to guard against osteoporosis, heart disease and other illnesses.

It includes day to day menu ideas designed to eliminate certain menopausal symptoms and recipes rich in three beneficial food groups – phyto-oestrogens, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are contained naturally in many everyday ingredients.

For more healthy eating books related to the menopause follow this link menopause healthy eating

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